Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I format an article with preformatted settings?

    Every website has a customize set of fonts and styling coded into it. To use these pre-formatted options

    a) be sure your article is clear of other formatting using the eraser, the first formatting button on the top row above
     - another way to be sure formatting is removed is by copying for another source, paste into notepad, copy from notepage and paste into article edit screen.

    b) use the Paragraph dropdown to apply a setting to the whole paragraph


    Heading 1

    Heading 2

    Heading 3

    Heading 4

    Heading 5
    Heading 6
  • How do I request user changes

    Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Be sure to include:

    name of person to be added/deleted

    Any of the following actions:

    • Add Email Account
    • Add as Website Manager -- include area of site
    • Add as Website Administrator
    • Delete Email Account
    • Delete Website Account
    • Change access for an existing account


    who to notify when the change has been made

    any other comments or concerns

  • How do I replace staff images?

    First: Resize your replacement image to be 172 x 228 pixels (for most sites) and rename to be the exact same file name. [to find the image name and file path, right click on the image as you see it on the website, click "Copy Image Location" and then paste that link into the URL of a new tab in your browser.]

    Second: replace the image in the image manager. If the file path and name are identical (note case sensitive), you should not have to edit the article in which the picture resides.

    To delete a picture in the image manager, you have to click within the box around the picture, but not the image itself to select it. And then you can click the delete button in the upper right-hand corner.You can have two images with identical file names in the same folder in the image manager.

  • How do I change the order of articles on a page?

  • How do I edit audio files?

    We recommend using audacity. Check out the Podcasting and Audio instructions under Documentation.

  • How do I insert pictures in articles?

    Check out the Pictures and Slideshows under Documentation.


  • How do I create a hyperlink?

    Check out the Advanced Article Editing section, inserting Links into Articles.


  • What do I do if I forget my password?

    In Joomla 2.5, any site administrator should be able to reset your password for you. If you are the only admin for your site, then contact Solutio, Inc. support team for assistance.


  • How do I embed videos?

    Check out the Video instructions under Documentation.



  • Should I archive articles?

    Archiving articles that are expired would be an okay practice. You won't see them (at first) in the article manager. but you can retrieve them.  Archived articles can be viewed by clicking archived from the Select Status Filter in the article manager. See image.

    ***If you archive published rotator or headline articles, they will still appear in the rotator or headline.  Expired archived articles will not appear in the rotator.  Archived articles can be re-published or trashed, same as other articles.

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